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she felt a sharp pain. a while later she noticed blood. the wound was an inch and a half long. >> it's kind of scary. i didn't want to go anymore. >> the forever 21 store is not the only place where the slasher has been attacking teenage girls. another teenager was attacked at this marshals. the suspect distracted the victim before slashing her. another attack at the thisens mall. they are investigating a total of five slashes. >> between our cells, we have a lot of cameras and ability to get footage. >> based on surveillance video, the suspect is a hispanic man in his 20s. he is short and heavy set. security at this and other area malls has been increased. >> and the first attack took place in february. the last one yesterday and police believe the suspect will
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continue attacking until he's caught because they believe he may be suffering from some type of sexual dysfunction. anita, back to you. >> okay armando. thank you for the update. this afternoon, dozens of angry residents packed a council hearing to weigh in on a controversial teen curfew proposal. starting at 11:00 on weekdays and midnight on weekends. now police say this could be a way to help fight crime. delia is live in rockville where kids aren't the only ones who are opposing this curfew. >> that's right, lesli. we are here in rockville town center because we're told this is one of the popular hangouts for kids. we heard from a will the of adults today. some who say that instead of curbing the violence, this curfew could actually lead to other dangerous activities. it is busy by day, but the night life at places like rockville town center could be coming to an end. that is, if the police chief
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and the county executive have their way, but not without a fight. >> the council stepping in -- it doesn't seem right. >> it's important for them to understand that youth curfew doesn't achieve what they are trying to achieve. >> montgomery county police chief says the curfews and dc make montgomery county a hot spot for teens often with trouble to follow. >> it happens all the time. we have incidents in gaithersburg and in bethesda, all over the county. >> the chief calls the curfew a tool for officers to clear the streets of teens before violence erupts. >> you are gambling with this. because we're not sure if the curfew is going to be effective. we aren't sure if it's going to stop gang violence. yet you are putting out the livelihood. >> police point to a 6% rise in teen arrests and say for the 1300 known gang members living
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in the county, the curfew will be a deterrant. >> when you talk about gangs coming from dc and prince georges county, how do you identify them? >> how do you intend to insure that racial profiling does not occur? you select the right people to be police officers. you give them the right training. invest in their training. you hold them accountable for their actions. >> now both police and council members agree that if there is a curfew, they need to work on more exceptions to make this happen. right now as it is written, the law allows kids with parents, of course, and heading home from church or work to break that curfew. coming up new at 6:00, we're going to tell you who prompted the whole idea for the curfew in the first place and what inspired thousands of teenagers to come out against it. lesli. >> we'll see you at 6:00. well, with default looming, one week from today, democrats and
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republicans are tajing over con seeding plans for cutting the federal deficit and raising the u.s. debt ceiling. >> derek mcginty joins us from the newsroom with the latest on the back and forth. derek. >> right now, congress is weighing two plans to cut the budget deficit and raise the nation's borrowing capacity and hopefully avert a worldwide economic crisis. the plan for the republican controlled house is raising the debt ceiling and again at the end of the year. the plan in the democratic controlled senate would cut $2.7 trillion from the definite, leave taxes alone and raise the debt limit through 2013. the white house calls the senate plan a compromise and it likes that idea. >> we are pushing this to the last minute and that should not be the case, but in the end, we believe congress will act appropriately. >> just like so many things in congress or state legislatures, nothing gets done until you get to a deadline. >> it is one of those last minute type deals. lawmakers have seven days to get a bill to the president's
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desk and house speaker john boehner plans to bring his measure to the floor tomorrow. if it passes the house, the white house is threatening to veto it. meanwhile, you heard the speech last night. the only new thing the president's request for the american people to make plain what they want. congressional offices have been flooded with calls and e-mails responding to the president's request and peggy fox has been looking into that and i hear folks are sick of all of it. >> that's right. i spent the day on capitol hill. you will always find visitors on capitol hill, but today refound people who were fed up and most of all want to see a resolution. >> nothing but a blank screen came up for congressman's website today. his and other member sites crashed when people tried to send in their comments. phone lines were also overloaded. >> it's gone both ways. a lot are concerned and want to compromise on the debt deal.
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some are asking for mr. wolf and republicans to stand strong. >> there were also face to face meetings with children who have severe medical issues. >> i was diagnosed when i was two. >> four-year-old mary of arlington has a disease that left her veerly disabled. >> we are here to show the importance of medicaid funding was meant for us and our lives and what it means for people who truly need the support because it's their primary insurance plan. >> they were able to make their case with senator jim webb. >> we are doing everything we can to preserve the entitlements. it's a scary environment right now. >> most democrats are trying to protect people who depend on medicare and medicaid. he is not siding with the
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president when asking the wealthy to pay more in taxes. >> either is dwayne who visited the capital today. >> get it done and quit spending money you don't have. >> senator webb is optimistic that they will come to an agreement soon. he believes they can reach an agreement without raising taxes. >> how do you get a deal without raising taxes when the whole message has been we need to cut spend something. >> you can find agriculture subsidies, also he wants to look at capital gains and bent fits from the financial sector. he is trying to reach out and look at other places. >> all right, we are still watching this thing unfold. it's like a soap opera. if we didn't have such dire consequences, it would be interesting. >> thank you. congressman david wu is set to resign. in a statement, the oregon democrat said the well being of his children should come first.
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the 56-year-old says he'll resign after the debate over the debt ceiling is over. democratic leaders called for a house ethics investigation of wu. he claimed whatever happened was in fact consensual. a northern virginia resident will be in a federal courtroom where a judge will decide whether he should be locked up or not. >> 62-year-old sied of fairfax is charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. federal prosecutors believe he has been on the payroll of pakistan spy agency for years and participated in a secret lobbying effort involving millions of dollars. andrea mckaren has been following the case. she here now with more. andrea. >> this 45 page affidavit, which we just posted on our website reads like a spy thriller. he has not been charged, but his case is a story of money, intrigue, and influence pedaling here in washington.
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>> if you are going to have an outfit in state that you want to influence political matters, you put it in washington, d.c. >> nothing new in washington, but in the case of him, the alleged money trail leads to an unusual source. >> money that is being used here, at least according to the allegation is coming directly from a pakistani intelligence service. >> as the head of the american council in dc. he made several campaign contributions to democratic and republican members of the house, including virginia congressman, jim moran. he also sent checks to then presidential candidates, barack obama and al gore. >> oddly enough, the men's hair care product played a role in the secret payments. the affidavit reveals a conversation in which he says he received all but 75- milligrams of cream.
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apparent code for $75,000. another time, he asked for two or three pieces of bril cream, believed to signify 20 to 30,000 dollars. >> in the business as it were, we would call that an open code. it's used by all sorts of people who hope that they can conceal what they are doing if somebody is listening to their phone conversation. >> federal agents believe he received as much as $700,000 a year from the government of pakistan. his case further strains tense relations between the u.s. and pakistan. some believe the pakistani government protected osama bin laden as he lived in plain sight. >> and we posted a list of all the campaign contributions on our website, no comment from congressman jim moran's office about the money donated to his campaign in 1998. lesli. >> so charges of not registering as a foreign agent, pretty unusual? >> definitely pretty unusual. prosecutions rare, but not
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unheard of. spy now faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. all right andrea, thanks so much. anita, brett. >> after a four month standoff, the nfl lockout is over and the business of football officially kicked off this morning at redskins park. brett is here with me. good to see those guys back. >> the guys were happy to be back. not all of them are here, because anyone who is a free agent can't report for another week or so, but they are getting back to the business of football. normally football players are less than psyched about the first day at the team facility, but there was a distinctive happiness as players filed into redskins park today. some of the guys got back to work today. hey dave. >> hey brett, we began seeing activity at 9:30 as players drove up to the gate. we couldn't get inside until 10:00. once inside, we were able to witness what football fans in this area and all across the country have been longing for and that is football players
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reporting to football facilities. how about that? here was the scene earlier this morning. brian aracpo came on to the scene making his way inside, of course quarterback john beck has been at the center for his bold stake of the quarterback job. we saw the likes of brandon banks, and fred davis. all of them across the board excited to finally get back to the business of playing football. >> it's great, you know, it's been a long offseason. a long process, obviously, and it's been rough on everybody. >> it's crazy to be back in the building. it feels good. it feels right. >> getting acclimated. it's like a family back together you haven't seen for an extended period of time. >> training camp did you want begin until thursday. went through a workout before getting a chance to talk with position coaches and officially get a look at those play books. all right, much more to come from redskins park.
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coming up, brian arrackpo. we'll have that at 5:50. for now, brett back to you in the studio. >> good to see video of brandon banks. that's the first time we layed eyes on him since the stabbing incident a couple months ago. we are glad to see him back at redskins park. we'll check back with him later in the hour and all that haynesworth information coming up as well. >> lots of excitement. would you like fruits and vegetables with those smaller fries? still ahead, some big changes are coming to mcdonald's. top. >> well lesli, it is hot, but not humid. we talked about this yesterday. it's actually bearable. temperature 94 downtown. 91 in gaithersburg. we'll come back to how long it will stay with us and talk about dangerous heat just around the corner. >> up next, as norway still reels from last week's deadly terror attack, the lawyer defending the suspect says the confessed killer may plead insanity.
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police have released some of the names of the people, 76 of them killed in a bombing and shooting spree that rocked that nation. the victims and the lawyer for the killer are now speaking out. >> reporter: 16-year-old didn't think she would see her family again. she was on the island when the gunman opened fire. >> i wasn't that scared of my own life. it was that i thought, i'm not able to say good-bye. >> she jumped into a boat to escape the bullets. she says that split second decision saved her life. >> i'm so sure i wouldn't have survived if i swam. >> 76 people died and a bombing in oslo. the lawyer for confessed killer says his client is likely insane. >> he is in a war and he says
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that the res of the world and especially western world don't understand his point of view. >> a handful of people are missing and so the search continues. authorities say they have combed the entire island and are now focusing their efforts on the water. >> we do the best we can. we want to find them so the parents can have a grave to go to. >> people paying tribute with huge displays of flowers and candles all around downtown oslo. and some are bringing flowers to the dock facing the island retreat. >> we are a small country and it's our suffering. >> police have reduced security near the bomb site saying it is time to give the city back to the people. >> cbs news, oslo, norway. >> in fact, border controls have been lifted in norway while breivik claims to be part of a broader conspiracy.
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he acted alone. meantime, president obama and vice president biden were among the people paying their respects to the victims in norway by signing a book today at the norwegian residence. the president wrote, quote, we are all heartbroken by the tragic loss. we are devastated, but we will stand by you. the book of condolences is open for signing tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and noon at 3401 massachusetts avenue northwest. lesli. >> thanks anita. friends and family remembered singer amy winehouse today a. private service was held shortly before the troubled singer's body was cremated in london. among the mourners, kelly osbourne, one of winehouse's closest friends. the caws of the 27-year-old singer's death is still unclear. but she has had a very public battle with drugs and alcohol for years. toxicology test results are expected in two to four weeks. nearly a dozen people are recovering at a hospital after
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they were poisoned by carbon monoxide. this is the scene in rockville around 2:00 this morning. fire crews discovered a water heater in the basement. it's been fixed and the building is now safe. the 11 being treated are expected to be okay. >> the virus turned up for the first time this summer. health officials are not conged the alarm. the virus is just following its normal trend. west nile is mainly an infection of birds, but an infected mosquito could spread it to humans. some people experience fever, fatigue, headaches, rashes, and in some extreme cases, neurological disorders. to prevent the disease. you should get rid of standing water and other mosquito breeding grounds around your home. wear loose fitting, light
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colored long clothing. use insecticides and avoid places with lots of mosquitoes. anita and topper, how does it feel out there? >> not too many mosquitoes. it's not, but nothing like it was. >> it's bearable. the dew points are low, humidity is low. good hair day. >> the wind. >> can't have it all. let's start with temperatures. then 90-degree days. look at these numbers carefully because 90s are straight temperatures. 94 at national. still hot. 93 in manassas. 95 in leesburg and 93 also in hagerstown. now let's put this into perspective. it only feels like it's 95 downtown. so the humidity doesn't really change the temperature. so what it is is what you feel and because the humanity is low, if you perspire, it evaporates. when it's humid, we can't evaporate. feels like it's 97 in frederick and 95 in leesburg. so again, temperatures didn't change much. let's talk about 90-degree
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days. our average for metrological summer, which is june, july, and august is 31 days. since june 1, we were 29 today. it will probably finish out the month with 90-degree plus days. average for july, 14 days, so far 19. and our record for the metrological summer is 55 days set back in 1988. the record for the year is 67 days, which we set last year. at least tied it last year in 2010. a break in the humidity continues. courtable and breezy late. sunny morning commute. heating up again tomorrow. maybe not quite as hot, but still not humid. and dangerous heat arrives on friday. kind of in a pattern. much like last week. not as hot as last week. clear and comfortable. a passing shower possible late. low 64 to 74. winds will become northwest. another weak cold is sweeping through. can't rule out a passing shower. if you want to go out now, fine. no problem. 67 tonight for a low in
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rockville. 73 downtown. and 66 out toward bowie. now for tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and warm, but not humid. 70s and 80s and by afternoon, mostly sunny, hot, but still not humid. grab your sunglasses. high temperatures around 90. in fact, some areas tomorrow may hold in the upper 80s. if you go far enough west, manassas, 88. downtown though, 90. 90 in arlington and 90 in college park. next seven days, here's what we mean about closing out the month with 90s. 93 on thursday. maybe a thunderstorm and 99 on friday. upper 90s on saturday. scattered storms sunday and monday. pop right back up into the mid 90s on tuesday. and speaking of tuesday, it's best shot time. if you have any problems with spiders, don't look at this. that is a house with a spider. fantastic picture and john did
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a great job from lakeridge, virginia. isn't that nice? he got it. so send us some pictures. no name, no town, got to do it. so go to click on the weather tab and be sure to include your name, town, and location. >> okay. thanks topper. more fruits and veggies and the fewer fries. up next, big changes coming to mcdonald's. we're going to talk about it. >> chicken is working hard to find the best deals in town. here's today's deal just for you. beat the heat for a price that can't be beat. hatching deals daily.
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in tonight's health alert, the power of the cranberry is being called into question. women drink cranberry juice or take supplements to reduce painful recurrences. a study out today in the archives of internal medicine show they do not work as well as low dose antibiotics when it comes to keeping these uti's at bay. here's the downside to the drugs. now they are prone to cause
5:27 pm
resistance, especially taken long-term as a prevention technique. cranberry juice, on the other hand, not as powerful, but chocked full of vitamin c. i'm sticking with this. mcdonald's is making changes to its happy meals. they will add a serving of fruit and vegetables to every serving and make the french fry serving smaller. it is set to begin in september. all areas by next spring. lesli, mcdonald's thought about getting rid of the fries all together and then substituting them with the fruits. i have to say, as a parent, i'm glad they didn't do that because it's an easier to say fewer of these and these, then you don't get fries at all. >> you only need a few. a few will do. >> especially because you have the burger. they already had the healthier milk and juice options versus the soft drinks. this is an on going push throughout the fast food industry to be held accountable on nutritional standards and
5:28 pm
combating childhood obesity. >> the allure of those french fries, i'm going to stay right here because they smell good. >> they do. they are going to have the little fruit here. of course the toy. you know how hard that is to resist. got to admit it. >> thanks. coming up new at 5:30. >> montgomery county public schools is the premier district in the country. i feel quite privileged to be able to lead it. >> after the break, my 101 with a new superintendent, dr. joshua stark. 
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welcome back. we have breaking news to talk about coming from out west. a live look from fairfield, california, a massive fire at a plastics plant. look at all that black smoke. it is sending black smoke across the area. this is near travis air force base. plant is an industrial area. know no evacuations have been ordered. a new school year comes with a change at the top. dr. joshua star replaces the now retired dr. jerry. and today i sat down with star to talk about the successes in the challenges that await him
5:32 pm
in maryland's largest school district. >> what are you hearing is going to be your most pressing problem here in the county school? >> i think one of the most immediate challenges is the budget. continuing the path that we are on, continuing to help all kids achieve at high level and graduate college and career ready and to do that with diminishing resources. >> how is the county going to keep pace with all these young people that it has to educate with the budget constraints? with the building constraints? >> manage and growth is certainly one of the complex challenges that we have. we have to build new schools. we have 2,000, 3,000 new kids every year and a commitment to keep class size at a reasonable level. we also know that having an effective teacher, having a great teacher in front of every child is the most important thing. >> what are your goals for montgomery county schools? what is the tenure of dr. joshua star going to look like here? >> i want to continue the great work that has been going on here for many, many years.
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montgomery county public schools is the premier district in the country and i feel quite privileged to be able to lead it. we want to really take a look at how we can get more innovative, particularly interested in uses of technology. >> star says he will be working on those efforts starting on day one. coming up, more of my conversation and we talk abouten issue out there despite great gains. there is still an achievement gap in the county. you'll hear what he has to say about that at 6:00. montgomery county is opening its first charter school. it is a new elementary school in kensington. the school will be run by cross way community t. will serve up to 190 students in preschool through third grade and students will be admitted through a lottery system. mcdonald signed what's being called ashley's law. emergency vehicles to flash their lights when going through
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an intersection. the emergency vehicles must also either sound a siren or horn or yield the right of way before going on through. that law is named after ashley mcintosh. she was killed when she was hit by an emergency vehicle going through an intersection three years ago. a georgia woman convicted of vehicular manslaughter even though she doesn't drinking got a year's probation. the woman was j-walking when a driver hit and killed her four- year-old. the driver was charged with hit- and-run and the mother was convicted of vehicular homicide. she could have gotten three years in prison. two drivers are in trouble with the law after believed to be a case of road rage. police say edward manners jr. and michael ramsey got into a fight last night after a fender bender in montgomery county. manners pulled a wooden club from his truck and hit ramsey in the head. police say ramsey then returned to his vehicle and drove off, but later allegedly hit
5:35 pm
manners. manners is charged with first- degree assault. a charge is pending against ramsey. let's hope things are calmer out on the roads tonight for the rush hour home. monica has her eye on a green light. >> yes, i do. nothing like what you just talked about, lesli. we are going to start off with maryland. normal leaving gaithersburg into germantown. all lanes are open and you are beyond. but i'm going to take you on a map right now. authorities are on the scene of an accident, just cleared on the southbound side of route 180 at solar excourt. good news in that area. let's take you to virginia right now. on the southbound side of 95. very heavy into triangle, 30 minutes there. on the northbound side as you can see, everything looks good across the 14th street bridge into the district. speaking of the district, a major road construction project cover in northeast washington. today, dc mayor vincent gray and transportation officials
5:36 pm
dedicated the new 9th street bridge. it took more than two years to complete the project. the bridge is located off new york avenue. and many of you may have noticed this bizarre sight along the northern virginia beltway. part of a house is poking through a sound wall. the washington post reports the four bedroom house is actually owned by virginia's transportation department. now the state government bought it along with several other properties to make room for some high occupancy toll lanes. the house was sold for $650,000. anita, back to you. a story for wine connoisseurs out there. a bottle so pricey you may be afraid to open it. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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you could call it scoot of the loom. washington textile museum is moving. plans call for relocating the museum three years from now to a bigger space at george washington university. it will take some work. the museum contains thousands of quilts, blankets. some dating back to 3,000b.c. supporters and opponents of a plan for home delivery of liquor and other alcoholic bevages broke out. that caused a great deal of controversy. anyone making deliveries -- state alcohol awareness program so people under 21 cannot receive the liquor. today's hearing before the prince georges board is the
5:40 pm
second they will issue. and speaking of alcohol, you won't want to spill this wine on the carpet. it's a bottle of 1811 and it just sold for $123,000. so what, that's a thousand dollars a sip? anyway, it's the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold. that transaction took place under tight security in london. the buyer is apparently a french collector and plans to pop the cork six years from now during a night out with his wife. >> you know -- >> 1811. >> if it's not good, she should pretend like it is. >> i can't imagine it's going to taste good after all those years. more of a thing to say you got it. >> one many ten post offices across the nation could be shutting their doors. we'll have a list of the local ones being scrutinized for possible closure. topper. >> we got a break on the humidity, but not so much on
5:41 pm
the pollen. we'll show you the pollen count. grass is in the medium range. mold spores are still in the high range. we'll come back and talk about when the humidity and temperatures get into the high range. >> up next, finding money in those unreimbursed medical bills. you could be covered even when the bill says you're not.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. you have your groceries, diapers, and now online movies. wal-mart started streaming many movies the same day they come out on dvd. the largest retailer is making a second bid for the movie rental and the move comes just two weeks after net flicks announced new price increases. >> did you know that one in every five health claims are rejected based on simple errors? for a working family, you can add up to over $20,000 a year on premiums. tonight, weaver going to tell you how to find out if you hold
5:45 pm
one of those faulty bills. >> it happens all too often. you get a bill from an unknown company for a medical procedure you thought was fully covered by your insurance. it's possible you are covered and that bill is a very expensive error. according to the american medical association, 20% of properly submitted claims are mishandled or rejected. leaving patients holding the bill. >> some of the most obvious reasons that claims get rejected are illegibility or not filling out the forms completely or a wrong code. >> off your desk is a company that tries to help consumers correct these bills. for a monthly fee, they will review your statements and dispute any claims. you'll be able to compare it to the statement from the insurance carrier and catch obvious mistakes. you can avoid unnecessary medical charges with a little research. before any procedure, call your insurance company and find out what's covered.
5:46 pm
most importantly, if you are referred to another doctor, make sure they are in your network. >> even if you are going to a hospital and you have an in network doctor, it's often that the anesthesiologist is out of network. so if you are having a baby and checking in to the hospital, you should request an in network anesthesiologist. >> finally if a bill seems suspicious, call the company and question the charge. avoid 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning. it's the busiest time, but be persistent. it may be the most profitable 20 minutes you ever spend to make a phone call. >> and here are three ways to lower your dental costs. comparison shop, but don't select the dentist on price alone. family, friends, neighbors, coworkers. they are good source to help evaluate fees and do the math. find out if the dental insurance you have is really worth the cost you pay in premiums. the u.s. postal service is looking to downsize. we have been hearing this a while. the cash strapped service is releasing a list of more than
5:47 pm
3600 post offices. it may just shut down and that list just went public today. among them, the bening post office in the 20019 zip code in the district in maryland, the suitland post office. and the chevy chase post office, 20815. in virginia, downtown leesburg 20176 and the potamac post office. these locations and others will be studied for possible closure. the offices reason out chopping block have lower foot traffic and revenue and most are in smaller communities. the usps lost $8.5 billion last fiscal year. for the complete list of the post offices targeted, check out our website, 80 area kids went on a shopping spree today. looking for those school supplies. the salvation army and target gave the students $80 gift
5:48 pm
cards to buy backpacks, calculators, pens, and other stuff they need. the goal is to help 12,000 students in the country get the supplies they need in time for the school year. >> which starts in about a month for most of the kids in the area. boy, it sped by. >> i don't know. maybe i was a nerd. you get those things, you feel good about yourself. >> you walk taller. you feel better. >> not nerdy. there's nothing nerdy about you. >> exactly. thank you. all right, temperatures in the mid 90s, but the humidity was comfortable. that's going to be the story tonight and tomorrow. let's start with temperatures again. 94 downtown. 91 in gaithersburg. 93 in fredericksburg. 97 up in frederick. we know that runs high all the time. 93 in culpeper. 94 straight temperature downtown. you factor in the heat it feels like 95. it doesn't change much. humidity is in check. 92 in gaithersburg. 94 in manassas and 99 in fredericksburg. this is still, you know, proof
5:49 pm
that we always encourage you folks to exercise in the morning and not in the evening. satellite picture radar combined, you can pick out a good line of showers and thunderstorms northwest of cumberland. big thunderstorm watches out there. we don't have to worry about that. as the front moves through tonight, we could see a passing shower. we'll keep the chance of a passing shower in for a while. comfortable and breezy late. sunny morning commute. it will heat up again on wednesday, but not be humid. dangerous heat will return by friday. you certainly won't exercise early, early friday morning because it will be too hot to exercise in the evening. clear and comfortable tonight. passing shower passing late. 64 to 74 and winds northwesterly. downtown and inside the beltway, we are talking mid to low 70s. 67 in rockville. 66 in bowie. don't look now, maybe cooler tomorrow night. upper 60s in fairfax and reston. you go far enough west, 64 in
5:50 pm
leesburg. middleburg, and 65 in manassas. sunshine on wednesday morning, it will be warm by lunchtime, but not humid. 70s and 80s and by afternoon, plenty of sunshine. hot, but not humid. grab your shades. high temperatures around 90. winds northwesterly at 10. most folks inside the beltway will be around 90 tomorrow. 90 in college park. but look at leesburg. maybe 90 in fairfax. all right, next seven days. we're going to close out the month with 90s. 93 on thursday. more humid, a chance of a thunderstorm. 99 on friday. that is a record by the way, so some records are going to be threatened by friday. upper 90s again on saturday. better chance for showers and thunderstorms on sunday and monday. back in the low 90s, but pop into the low 90s next tuesday. >> okay, so after a long lockout, it's almost, almost back to normal for the redskins. >> the players began arriving at redskins park today. brett haber has the latest. >> they haven't hit anybody
5:51 pm
yet, but after 4 1/2 months of being cooped up, i would hate to be the blocking dummies. players began reporting today. dave owens was at redskins park and he is still there live for us now. how is it going? >> they are going to continue to trickle in. thursday it gets started for real. let's face it, today was nothing more than a voluntary workout. you could come if you wanted to, but after 132 days of being locked out by ownership, it was good to see football players back where they belong. >> never has such stale video of guys walking into work look so good. >> hey, how are we doing? >> redskins players back at redskins park and the doors actually hope. yup, all is right with the world again. >> it's like a family back together. you ain't seen in an extended period of time. >> i came for the free lunch. >> training camp doesn't
5:52 pm
officially begin until thursday, but those who showed up went through a brief workout. this field behind me will be filled with up to 90 players, but many eyes will be focused on one in particular. >> i'm going to give you an opportunity to be a starter. >> wants a quarterback job, but knows competition is coming, most likely free agency. >> guys are going to be coming in. >> the coach didn't speak to the media today, so how he intends to proceed, we'll see. the one thing is for sure, brian believes he has the recipe for a good start. >> we're not going for that albert nonsense. i don't want to discuss it. if he's here, if he's not, i have to move on without him. >> and brett not the only big question mark. donovan mcnabb rumors are already starting to swirl. we'll talk about a couple of those in about 25 minutes in the 6:00 hour. we are live at redskins park. back to you in the studio.
5:53 pm
>> here in minnesota is one of those rumors. dave owens, coming up at 6:00, in addition to that information, the schedule -- share it with you at 6:20. back to you. >> up next, getting rid of the pain without surgery. a new device that is helping runners with bad knees stay on the road. >> and coming up new at 6:00. harry tomas says he's not going anywhere, even though there have been several calls for his resignation. we'll have the latest on the scandal. i'm peggy fox with it can be a frustrated thing to have a child who is a picky eater. the more you get them to eat food that is good for them, the more theyresist. all they eat is pasta and chicken nuggets. nothing green or anything with a strange color. one mom posted her toddler became extra picky. if you have ideas or need some good mom advice yourself, log
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a second straight day of losses on wall street. the dow finished the day down 91 points to close at 12,501. the nasdaq dropped 2 points and the s & p 500 fell 5 points. >> now here's a story that may appeal to many active, but aging athletes. a local long distance runner is
5:57 pm
trying out a high-tech brace that takes some of the pressure off her knee so she is not sidelined by os yo arthritis. >> i see a lot more if i go out and work three miles. >> former flight attendant picked up running almost 40 years ago and logged more than 60,000 miles, including several marathons and a 50-mile ultra race. but overt years, the pounding took its toll on the cartilage in her left knee. >> about 20 years ago, it started bothering me. i wouldn't get eight hours of sleep at night. >> in march 2010, she needed surgery after her knee finally gave out. but believe it or not, this 68- year-old still wanted to keep running. so a knee joint replacement wasn't an option. her surgeon suggested she try bionic care. it's an advanced knee brace that delivers a low level pulsed electrical signal to the
5:58 pm
patient's joint, relieving pain from the arthritis. >> the goal behind that is to give you a pulse electrical current to prepare your knee. >> and it is doing just that for filicity. she is training for the army 10 miler in october. >> we try whatever we can to avoid surgery and give them function. the main thing is to relieve pain. went from taking 5 to 10 pills per week and i think she has done five pills in the last three months which is great. less medication affect on her body and functional and running races. >> i'm not going to quit running. >> age group in her 70s, why not? the doctor says eventually it isn't going to be enough to stop the joint deterioration and a full joint replacement may still be in her future, but not yet. not by a long shot. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right
5:59 pm
now. >> this is 9news now. >> there are no easy ways out here. there are no tricks. >> lawmakers better have something up their sleeve or in just one week america will be in hot water with some big time creditors. democrats and republicans continue to be at odds over how to cut the federal deficit and raise the u.s. debt ceiling. and with that august 2 deadline quickly approaching, lawmakers are getting an earful from voters. jay dow is live with the latest on the negotiations. jay, where do we stand? >> well, good evening. you know, all the pressure right now is on house speaker john boehner and his debt plan to see whether or not he can get the support and the votes he needs to get it passed. his fate could determine a last minute deal will be reached before the august 2 deadline. >> good afternoon, bill nelson's office. >> offices are busy taking calls and answering e-mails from voters

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